Thursday, April 29, 2010

DO's and DONT's while selecting a college

The process of choosing a college is not about asking someone to give you several ideas on what place to go to accomplish the desirable professional goals. Choosing a college is not about your parents or relatives’ orders that have to be followed. This decision is your personal choice that is grounded on your own demands and wishes. If you make a mistake, it will be your first mistake to learn by. If you succeed in choosing, it will be your first victory in this life (and hope not the last one). This is why you need to think thoroughly and weigh all pros and cons of this choice. 

There are several DOs and DON’Ts to evaluate while choosing a college.

1. When you start choosing a college, you have to:
Evaluate your interests to decide what career is closer to you;
Discuss all aspects with your parents to get reliable hints and suggestions;
Investigate the offers of the chosen college;
Clear up what you want from this college;
Talk to the students of the college and get a clear idea about its style and demands;
Weigh your financial situation and calculate whether you have enough money to study at this college;
Learn application requirements and analyze whether you are able to meet them all; 

2. If you want to succeed in choosing a college, you should NEVER:
Choose a college because your friends or boy(girl)friend are going there;
Rely on its prestige only;
Consider low tuition only;
Pay much attention to its academic programs only and forget about other aspects of
student life (sport activities, campus atmosphere, etc);
Pass some online tests and find out that this college is the most appropriate for you;
Go to a college only because of the desire to be far from your parents;
Make the final decision without personal visiting of the chosen college. 

Take all these ideas into account and succeed in your decision!

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